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The track record is clear – strong returns for our investors based on a disciplined approach and smart project selection allowing for long-term growth.

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Our opportunistic approach and ability to move quickly enables us to capture off-market opportunities and provide attractive returns for investors.

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With more than 50 years of development and multi-family management experience, we know down to the last detail what makes an investment successful.

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With more than 50 years of acquisition and development and multi-family management experience, we know down to the last detail what makes real estate the right decision for any investor. We get the market, we understand investors' interests as well as long and short-term strategies, and the results show. We are the right partner for any real estate scenario, bringing together the talent and the knowledge.


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Call it the product of experience, call it common sense, call it street smarts, we've got a gut feeling – proven right time and again - for making astute real estate decisions. With decades of success in the real estate market, Bader Diamond Funds brings exceptional business instincts to the acquisition, planning, financing, construction and management of our projects.


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Bader Diamond Funds is a highly respected Minneapolis-based real estate acquisition and investment company. We’ve made a name for ourself with attention to detail, decades of experience, and creativity. Our investment properties are located in the Minneapolis, MN and the Dallas, TX areas.



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